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Katy Shepard

Original Artwork and Prints


​Shepard's works draw heavily from her academic background in Philosophy. Considering art and philosophy the same intellectual endeavor, her works constantly come back to the ideas of identity and liberation. She believes artists in the 21st century have a moral obligation to promote self and societal liberation. They do so by allowing viewers to engage with their own identity and the identity of others. As such she believes art should be most valued for the accessibility it provides to the creative process. 

To think like an artist in all of one's life endeavors is to think critically, confront differences in perception and understanding, be vulnerable, make active choices, experience and create truth, and lastly empower one's self with identity. 

Virginia Tech

(ABD 2019)  P.h.D. Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought

 2016 M.A. Philosophy

2014 B.A. Philosophy, B.F.A Studio Art, B.A. Political Science



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